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What keeps me going is goals - Muhammad Ali -

Dris is a 32 years old Professional Art Director and Project manager from Stockholm, Sweden. He is known for being very social and easy-going person, curious, open-minded and pretty straightforward. He has a healthy lifestyle, good disciplines, and like to have goals.

Born and raised in Morocco, he has worked and lived in two different countries, and he visited more than 30 others. He has a diverse multi-cultural background.

Dris has worked for several years as a creative, from designing brand identities, doing graphic design, working on marketing campaigns, both in print and online channels, to managing and leading projects from start to end.

Lately he developed a big interest in the non-commercial aspects of ads and campaigns. His need in doing something with great impact for the world and communities has grown a lot.

He would like to dedicate his free time to work on subjects that are reaching the environment and the society, and he believes that creating strong images and visual communication supports can help raise awareness and communicate the right message.
His main motivation is the role played and the goals to reach from working on environmentally based marketing campaigns.

Right now Dris lives in Sweden, and he is volunteering and open to work on short or long-term projects, with a team on site (during the free time) or online remotely (all the time).
Find-out more about what he likes to do in the blog section.

Professional multi-disciplined designer and project manager with 8 years of work experience, 4 years in Morocco and 4 years in Stockholm, Sweden. My main strength resides in general design, analytical, creative, communication and social skills. Experienced in leading projects and working with multi-cultural team. Experience in advertising, online marketing, photography, branding, and product development. Capable of doing the ‘quirky’ fun style of work but also fully experienced in doing corporate branding. Academic background in graphic design, semiotics, advertising, and marketing basics.
A good learner with a great passion about the work I do and continuously seeking for new knowledge.


Art Direction

Analytics & Creativity

Project Management




I’m effective, creative and good at getting things done.

. Like conceptual and modern thinking, creativity and innovation.
. Self-motivated, committed, effective and perseverance.
. Excellent time management and organization skills
. Experienced in mentoring and managing junior designers / interns
. Experienced in managing outside resources, including photographers, freelancers, web and print sub-contractors.
. Like to work on Campaigns and creating identities.
. Enjoy working on long-term projects and setting goals.
. Ensure the highest levels of quality in all work produced.
. Able to work individually, within a team, and under pressure.
. High ability in leading projects.

Here’s few References I’ve worked with so far



A creative, passionate, structured and organised person with a cultural and diverse background

Art Direction

As an Art Director I can design print and web material, work on identities, branding campaigns, and ensure the highest levels of quality for all the work produced.

What I can do
  • Analyse / Research
  • Design / Create
  • Direct
  • Lead
  • Recruit / Coach

Project management

As a project manager I can lead and plan long and short term project independently or with a team.

What I can do
  • Plan
  • Manage
  • Follow up
  • Keep deadlines


As a photographer I can realise nice product pictures, organise photo sessions in studio or outdoor, give directions to other photographers for campaigns photo-shoots.

What I can do
  • Product photo-shoot
  • Models photo-shoot
  • Design and set-up studios
  • Give directions


I’m interested in the non commercial aspects of ads and campaigns. In the last few years my interest and need to do something with great impact for the world has grown a lot. VISIT BLOG


Bushmeat has always been a primary food source in Central and West Africa, but in recent years poaching has become commercialized to satisfy the appetites of wealthy urban residents. Infant chimpanzees are frequently taken alive and sold in cities as pets. view campaign


“We had a lots of fun and the place was empty.”
Campaign about children’s in poverty.

view campaign


Series of images showing Oxpecker bird on different wild animals. A campaign to raise awareness about the fact that we all depend on each other, let’s not forget about it.
view campaign


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